1) Q&A



How often do you update?

Whenever I have something ready.

How are these comics sorted?

They are divided by format;
-Comics are one pagers, they start then they stop. Sometimes they take place in the same world as others.
-Stories are comics that follow an extended narrative, in theory.

Where do I start? How do I navigate?

Look around, anything you need to see in order is ordered. Clicking these usually helps.

Can I write for this comic?

No. Sorry. I created this as a way to market myself as a writer, and to have an outlet where I don’t need to listen to other people’s input on an idea. I’d love to collaborate, workshop, consult, or whatever you would get a writer to do, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Can I draw for this comic?

Absolutely! I can’t draw to save my life. I prefer hand drawn mediums. And while it’s not a rule in everything I make, it’s a rule here. Speech bubbles excepted.

Why hand done only?
Here’s a rundown of my perspective. Making it by hand is the difference between producing an original which can be replicated, vs producing something that’s solely a replication. Remember digital art is a replication of real art. The work itself is obviously the work of art, but is unable to produce a conceivable “original work”. It’s the same difference between a stage performance and a film, the film’s had cuts, the stage had performers who practice. Different schools, different tastes, I’ve got mine.


The work on this site is intended to be satire and/or parody, which requires drawing elements and character from the original properties. For examples of similar work, I invite you to view Mad Magazine.

If any characters depicted here are under your ownership, and you wish to have them removed from the site, or would like to negotiate an agreement please contact me directly.