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Welcome to Giant Enemy Comic


Welcome to my contact page, I can be reached out by emailing

It is my preference to operate in a low-key grassroots setting, so that I can interact with people directly. The following are the reasons as to why you would be contacting me.

  1. I wish to advertise on your site.
  2. I wish to show my support.
  3. I wish to contact you regarding potential writing work.
  4. I wish to contact you regarding potential producing work.
  5. I wish to contact an artist for potential artwork.
  6. I just want to talk to you.

1) Advertise on


I for one quite like advertising, it’s the one medium where any industry can deliver a message to the masses. Ads are 10$ (Canadian, so you Americans get a sweeter deal) per page, and I don’t run any restrictions on content or size, but be reasonable on both fronts. The ad will be permanent so long as exists. If the page itself needs to be taken down I will notify you and move the ad to another page. You may select what page for both instances.

2) Support me

The best way you can support me is to donate to my Patreon Page.

Click this image to go to my Patreon page















3) Hire me as a Writer

Consider my website my resume.

4) Hire me as a Producer

In addition to writing, I also edit/produce content, below you will see links to some of (but not nearly all) my various works. Head on over to my official podcasting site:










5) Hire an Artist seen on here.

Just get in touch and let me know who it is you want to speak to, I will run it by them and if they agree, will give you their contact and the two of you can go on your way.

6) Talk to me.

I can be reached through the email, as I’ve mentioned already, but can also be found on Twitter!

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