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May 2019

Posted by on May 1, 2019 in Log | 0 comments

One thing I’ve struggled with in my life was to have a good follow-through on ideas. For 90% of content creators, it’s not enough to make content; it has to be consistent. I’ve always aimed to be in that other 10%… The “when it’s done” group.. Only I rarely saw things through to completion.

Luckily I only truly gave up on a few ideas, and aim to complete my life’s goals in my lifetime.

One of them is complete today, to launch my company website.

All updates will be arriving there from now on, but naturally if a new comic comes up, it’ll be on the blog here, as it should.

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Welcome to 2018

Posted by on Feb 7, 2018 in Log | 0 comments

Haven’t been able to produce any new content lately, I’ve had to focus on my producing profession. Interested in checking that out?

-I’m going to replace Volume 1 with 11-17. A collection of comics from the first seven years of Giant Enemy Comic.

-I’m going to star trying to draw on my own. Yup.


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May 2017

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Good to see you.

-It’s been slow goings on the comic front, I decided that at the end of the year I’m going to do one last collection for Giant Enemy Comic Volume 1, and rename it to Giant Enemy Comic 11-17, to mark the time from which I started working on it until the end of this year, starting in 2018 I’m going to take it upon myself to start drawing, which will mark the next Volume. It’s not that I don’t want people to draw for me anymore, just can’t afford it for the time being.

-My major plan is to make Giant Enemy Company, always has been. But once I collect GEC 11-17 there will probably be some major adjustments to this website to reflect that.

-No comics to release, I’ve been mostly focused on podcasting.

Proud Producer of Strangers We Know

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September 2016

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-Happy to finally have a new comic out, this one is by Nat_Silva.

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May 2016

Posted by on Apr 30, 2016 in Log | 0 comments

Sorry, no new content.

-Changed artist contact page to single contact page. I feel better knowing I can act as a bridge between the artists and the people.

-Added an image to my Gravatar, so when I comment on things my picture shows up.

-Going through all the comics, removing the old rating thing (good joke, got tired of doing it, toed a weird line in terms of copywrite) from most, a few still have an offensive warning. Also removing a lot of extra nav tools that aren’t useful any longer and the old ad system.


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December 2015

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I started a Patreon campaign. One dollar a month is my ask.

I started a Patreon campaign. One dollar a month is my ask.

Camino Del Tristram 13!

Camino Del Tristram 13!

And 14!

And 14!

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