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Welcome to Giant Enemy Comic

August 1st 2014

What’s up? Thanks for stopping by. Here’s what’s new for August.

-Episode 3 of my Youtube show We’re Not Pros.

Game Journalism






-New Episodes of Sex and Life as well, most recently with Justin Laite, Toronto comic and good friend.

-Biggest news this month: Release of The Iamgrim. It’s a huge undertaking, and props to Shawn Daley for climbing onboard. I’m currently uploading them page by page, so it’s going to take a few days before all the pages are here but in the meantime you can find the album on IMGUR

Cover Final






-Which reminds me, I updated my IMGUR page (seriously forgot I had this) so it’s It will contain the full comic to read while I work on getting it on the site here.

Now for Commercials!