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January 2015

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I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to update the last few months, I’ve had to transfer servers and I’m terrible at following basic instructions. I overthink.

We’ll have an update proper for February 1st.

October 2014

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Sup. So I said there would be new content. And there is! And as an added bonus my limit has not been exceeded, so yeah, that’s good news.


The Problem with Picard is completed. At least, the first act. I finished it as far as I had planned but the future is good for it.

Mundo del Diablo 10

Mundo del Diablo 10

New episodes for Sex and Life, including the owner of Toronto's most important leather shop.

New episodes for Sex and Life, including the owner of Toronto’s most important leather shop.


My latest in "Hero Introduction" Silencer

My latest in “Hero Introduction” Silencer










And I’m also pleased to show off Giant Enemy Channel, my new Youtube endeavor. We’re Not Pros episode 5 is out, as well as new shows Case Study and ShrimpCasts. I JUST thought of Shrimpcasts like right now. I’m going to make use of that.


September 1st 2014

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No new content this month. I’m collecting materials for an October update and I’m almost at capacity with bandwidth. It’s best if I hold off. Next month you’ll see updates to Mundo Del Diablo and Star Trek.

August 1st 2014

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What’s up? Thanks for stopping by. Here’s what’s new for August.

-Episode 3 of my Youtube show We’re Not Pros.

Game Journalism






-New Episodes of Sex and Life as well, most recently with Justin Laite, Toronto comic and good friend.

-Biggest news this month: Release of The Iamgrim. It’s a huge undertaking, and props to Shawn Daley for climbing onboard. I’m currently uploading them page by page, so it’s going to take a few days before all the pages are here but in the meantime you can find the album on IMGUR

Cover Final






-Which reminds me, I updated my IMGUR page (seriously forgot I had this) so it’s It will contain the full comic to read while I work on getting it on the site here.

7 / 1 / 2014

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Giant Enemy Comic has turned two, and I’m not sure there’s that many people who noticed or cared. And that’s ok. I, in overcoming some of my own personal issues chose to take my sweet time with growing this website, and it’s not even close to done.  Over the course of the day I’ll be adding updates to the site, including finishing all of Dire Calling today.

IF you’re reading this, thanks.

-Added new Header

-Completed DCRD




-This time next month, I’ll be putting up an original series called The Iamgrim. I’ll start with this:


6 / 26 / 2014

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Hey, just letting you the person who I assume is reading this, I think I’m going to switch to monthly updates.



6 / 8 / 2014

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Well hello

New pages for Dire Calling Radiant Dawn and Mundo Del Diablo are here. Terribly sorry it took so long to get the next Diablo page, Rzenio fell ill and needed to take time off. I’m grateful he’s back.









I’m also happy to promote a new podcast by the name of Sex and Life. It’s about sex and our relation to it. I’m the producer of it.






Best wishes.


4 / 20 / 2014

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-Part Six of The Problem with Picard is up.

-Continuing to write with Helios Esports

-Got some things I need to remake; the Market Page which is now the Support Page, The Info Page, The Front page, The widgets on the side… The whole thing I guess…



2 / 23 / 2014

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-Dire Calling Radiant Dawn part 4 is out now.

2 / 17 / 2014

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Added a new addition of “The Strip” and a new page of The Union (which used to be called Everyone’s Special)

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